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We wanted to remind you of the basic instructions related to operating your swimming pool and spa. Here are some helpful reminders. 

If you need more help, do not hesitate to 
call or shoot us an email.

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Positions on filter valve:

FILTER:  Filter until gauge reads 30 lbs. of pressure or more, meaning the sand has filtered out enough dirt to cause the pressure to rise.  Turn pump off and move handle to backwash.  Turn pump on.

BACHWASH:  With handle pointing to backwash and pump on, backwash for 2 to 3 min. or until water is clear.  Turn pump off and move to Rinse.

RINSE:  Turn pump on and rinse for 10 sec. This puts the water back down through the sand, like filter, only takes it out to waste. Turn pump off and move handle back to filter and turn pump on.

WASTE:  This position takes the water directly out through the backwash hose and bypasses the filter.  Used as a drain position.

CLOSED:  Not used.  Closes the filter down where nothing goes into or out of it.

RE-CIRCULATE:  Not used. Bypasses the filter and takes the water right back to pool.

To VACUUM:  When pool has two skimmers, you may vacuum through either skimmer. The deep end skimmer has the main drain plumbed into it so if vacuuming from the shallow end skimmer, you must close off the suction in the deep end skimmer.  If vacuuming from the deep end skimmer, just close off the shallow end skimmer.

 Leave the filter on FILTER. Never pick vacuum head out of water while vacuuming.

When done, remove the hose from the skimmer first before taking head out of water.

Check gauge on filter and see if it needs backwashing. If so do that.

BRUSH:  Brush pool at least once a week for a cleaner pool.

ACID:  Add acid only as test kit indicates the need for it.  When the test kit reads 7.8 ph add 1 qt. of acid in front of two or three of the inlets.  When the test kit reads 8.2 ph usually add 2 qt. of acid in the same way. Test water once a week and no more.

CHLORINE:  Adjust amount according to test kit reading.  Check chlorinator monthly.

Keep filter pump circulating in freezing weather. Always keep the water level in the middle of the tile line so skimmers have enough water to draw from.

When changing the valves from pool to spa and turning the heater on, always change the valves back to pool position and TURN THE HEATER OFF WHEN THROUGH WITH SPA.

 If something goes wrong and you are not sure of what to do, Turn the pumps off and call for assistance.

Laden Pools Inc. 210-732-2521

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